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In the world of dance music production, Jay-J has become a name that is admired and respected worldwide as both a superior producer and an excellent DJ.

Undoubtedly "down from day one", Jay-J has established a strong reputation as one of the producers with the "Midas touch". Grounded firmly by his deep understanding of the vibe of dance music, and aided by his outstanding production abilities and world class recording facility, Jay-J has releases on numerous labels and has been seminal in the establishment of some of the scene's hottest artists.

Opening Moulton Studios in 1998 had him turning his focus toward his own world class studio, and in the years since its conception Moulton Studios has had a significant influence on the sound of San Francisco's dance music. His production resume includes releases on labels from the UK to New York, Chicago and San Francisco.

Most notable is his engineering influence on productions for San Francisco's "Naked Music", which have taken the dance world by storm and achieved international acclaim.
It is commonly felt that Jay-J's production quality has taken the music to a higher level, and his state of the art production facility, Moulton Studios, has become known as the place to make superior quality music, both electronic and otherwise.

As a DJ, Jay-J has achieved a status that allows him to play at featured venues. He has made a name for himself as a smooth and technically excellent mixer who packs his crate with energy filled deep and soulful sounds. His sets include energetic garage, smooth deep house, and pumping disco tracks programmed with a unique flair and style. The result of his impeccable music selection, mixing, and programming has resulted in his 1015 Folsom residency "Breathe Deep" being reviewed in the
club scene section of UK based DJ Magazine as "gorgeous deep and jazzy house grooves for a friendly crowd of serious dancers". In addition to his residencies at San Francisco's hottest parties, Jay-J has held residencies in Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, Canada in addition to touring extensively around the United States and beyond. Having been referred to as the hardest working DJ in San Francisco, Jay-J was also a member of Billboard Magazine's Dance Music Panel, an official recognition of his hard work and commitment to dance music.

As both a DJ and Producer, Jay-J has demonstrated a consistent ability to generate quality like very few can, and is set to establish himself as one of the most respected, influential, and prolific individuals in the industry.