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Dj MFR resides in San Francisco, California, Usa. His musical history began at the early age of 18 when he began to Djing in Rome.
If you know about house music in the Bay Area, then you know who Dj MFR is.
His journey started in Rome, his country of birth, where his love for the music sparked a love affair that would eventually have him traveling the world. Currently residing in San Francisco, which has been his home for the past 9 years, he quickly grew to prominence on the club circuit, gaining immediate respect from his Dj peers.

While doing so, his interest in producing started to grow, and so he decided to take the next step in his musical evolution: producing. In 1997, along with friends Miguel Mig's and Bruno Ybarra of Naked Music fame, he founded Transport Recordings. Now a well-established indie dance label with excellent underground dance music, the label has garnered a large and loyal following with a roster that has showcased such heavyweights as DJ Rasoul, Vincent Kwok, Arnold Jarvis, and Mig's and MFR themselves.
Since its inception, Transport Recordings has put out a constant stream of club music gems, and is proud to add West Coast Excursion to its catalog.

Transport Recordings, headed by the duo of Dj MFR and Miguel Mig's, has been setting the standard for dance floor excellence for the past 5 years with some of the slickest house this side of the globe. With West Coast Excursion mixed by Dj MFR, Transport proudly presents the latest chapter of their esteemed label, is the first of a series of mixed Cds. Miguel Mig’s will mix the immediate follow-up.

When not producing for his own label, Dj MFR also finds time to showcase his skills on other labels such as Tilted Records, Eight fifteen Recordings, Equal, Cosmic Flux, Moulton Studios and Bluem, to name a few. His range is limitless. Whether it’s peak time pumping hard house or sexy 2am vocal house, smoothed out with some hip-hop driven down tempo--you name it, he can do it!

In the recent years Dj MFR together with San Francisco based producer Vincent Kwok started a production called "New Mondo".
The first four releases are now showcasing on San Francisco based label Eight Fifteen Recordings, label born as an outlet for their productions.

The first two releases on the label highlighted the darker side of the production pair,
using the moniker of New Mondo,
The current release on the label is a "Signs of Life" with Vincent Kwok on one side and Dj MFR on the other. This release has been gathering much critical response and
has appeared in publications such as Dj Magazine's hype chart.

As a Dj, he can be seen and heard spinning at some of the biggest clubs in San Francisco and around the globe, in cities such as Seattle, Miami, LA, New York, Rome, Milan, Florence, Frankfurt, to name just a few.