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Armando Silvestre

Armando Silvestre start djing at the age of 15 in Cybar Club in Viana do Castelo his hometown, since then he played in several big clubs like: Pacha, Vaticano, Caffe del Rio, Box Club, Fresh, Puro Malte, Looks, Nazoni, Vinyl, Glamour, Queens Lx, Visual, Aki Há Gato, Cavalli Club, River, just to name a few…. He started producing electronic music 5 years ago by himself, but two years ago he found Henri Josh and they joined forces to produce several dancefloor burners. In only two years, they have remixed important artists like: Dj Chus, David Penn, Anton Fielding & Tiny Hoper, among others. Many top Dj’s have already acclaimed Armando and Henri productions and regarded this producers by spinning their records around the world...

Armando is now working alone, and his work is beeing more recognized than ever. Within the time pasted he developed new productin skills and discovered new machines and techniques. The media describes his sound as unique.

His work his focused in his life, “… everything can be an experience to use in music, after all, music is about sentimental issues. is art, and to do it you have to feel the blood in your veins…”
Beyond music, Armando also works as graphic designer and as a audio producer for hip-hop e rock bands. The interaction with other music styles allow him to be often on the front line of new sounds and techniques to make music.

Armando expectations are to grow more and more everyday so he can bring good music to people´s life.